5 Lists that will make you successful


“There are approximately 3000 thoughts crossing our concious mind in an hour.” Keeping track of all of them is definitely not possible but noting a few of them can change your life. Out of all lists possible, here are 5 lists that can transform your life:

1. List of Goals:


Goals define what we can do today, to make a difference tomorrow. It is important to set the goals on a weekly basis and track the milestones. If the goal is large, break it into smaller measurable goals for weeks.

2. List of Contacts:

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Meeting new people and making contacts is one of the prime attributes of a successful person. At the same time, it is important to create a list of people whom you think are reliable and skilled.

3. List of Healthy tasks:

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Most people ignore the health while working on their perfect project. As we all know, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Having list of goals for your health gives a sense of satisfaction and keeps your mind creative. Try to add them in your weekly goals.

4. Lists of Ideas:


The mind is an ocean of ideas. Once you get an idea, do not hesitate to keep a note of it, no matter how crazy it sounds. Lists of ideas are a way of self improvement. And why stop there, go ahead and execute them. If your ideas are big, break them into smaller goals and add to list of goals.

5. Bucket List:

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Last, but the most important of all is the bucket list. Make sure you make a list of all the dream places you want to visit, adventures that you always craved for, or cars that you always wanted to drive. Use tools which can attach images with your lists especially for the bucket list.

Apart from all this, make sure you visit your lists once a week and check the goals once you have accomplished. Have a sense of satisfaction by seeing them at one place.