Hover yourself with Lexus’ dream project – Slide – Quantum levitation to float and slide



I guess you might have come across this catching thread of Lexus’ new Hoverboard called SLIDE, inspired from sci-fi movie “Back to the Future”. If not don’t worry we will go through all the details you would want to know about this product.

First off, to make things clear this is no mass production plan of producing levitating hoverboards (which sounds cool) but it is a viral stunt from Lexus.

How it works?

The hoverboard works based on a physics concept of “Quantum levitation” which is nothing but simply a superconductor which floats on a magnet (similar concepts to Maglev trains). The floor thus is a mixture of magnets and concrete.

As for the smoke you see in the teaser video, it is liquid nitrogen which is required to keep very low temperatures for superconductor to function.

We all hope that such projects become reality one day and are commercially available.