5 disruptive technologies everyone should know!



We are evolving at an exponential rate in technology development. The rate of disruption of a technology is measured using Gartner’s Hype curve, which tracks the current interest levels and implementation feasibility. Here are five technologies which everyone should understand:


Source: Gartner’s 2015 Hype cycle for emerging technologies


  1. Internet of Things: This term has now got into every industry possible along with very high expectations. This technology in simple terms is “Connecting everyday objects to internet”. For example: In future, users can access their home from anywhere around the world using internet.

2. Consumer 3D printing: This technology has grown wildly around the world and now there are plenty of desktop 3D printers, which are very user friendly. 3D printing depends heavily on material research and we have successfully developed metal, food, body parts, concrete and electronics 3D printing. The day is not far, when Amazon will fly a drone to your house that 3D prints the phone case you had ordered an hour back.

3. Autonomous Vehicles: The race towards building most reliable self-driving cars is huge now. Google, Tesla, and Mercedes in-spite of leading the race, there are many developments from Chinese technology giants such as Baidu. It is mind blowing on how this technology can transform the safety of transportation industry. It is not only safe way but the fastest way we can transport ourselves.

4. Virtual reality: Taking people into virtual world through games or movies has always been an amazing experience. Now this is more like a reality where this technology tricks the brain to feel like we have come to a new world. This technology has no limitations of entertainment, it can not only take us to the best places in the world, but also to the space without having to spend millions of dollars. The best part is there are many virtual reality headsets available to order online, cheapest being the google cardboard (for $20).

5. Augmented reality: If our world can move into the virtual world, why not also give the possibility of bringing the Virtual world into our world. Augmented reality shapes the future of wearable industry giving rise to super human capabilities. Everything we need to visualize is now possible with augmented reality. This technology is paving the path to give birth to wearable so that we never have to carry our smart phones in the future.


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Artificial intelligence: Digital socialization or Apocalypse of human race?


We are already in a generation where a 1000$ computer has all the computing power that was once used to launch rocket to the moon.

“Many scientists believe the exponential growth in computing power leads inevitably to a future moment when computers will attain human-level intelligence: an event known as the “singularity.” According to futurist” Ray Kurzweil, this would happen by 2030.” – Read more


Does this scare you?. Imagine if this is the growth, then by 2040, a computer can think for the entire human race at once. Does this mean that we are moving towards our own created apocalypse or can we live in a world where we socialize with super intelligent robots (digital socialization)?.

What can be done to avoid the former is a huge argument around the globe and top billionaires (Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Larry page and Peter Diamindis) in the world are already thinking on ways to avoid this from coming.

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Project Soli – Mind Blowing interaction method by Google



For those who feel handling small devices was difficult, this is just the amazing innovation coming through from Google’s Advanced Technology And Projects (ATAP) group.

The device works on the concept of RADAR which senses our hand gestures and interacts with our electronic devices. Using this hardware along with complex algorithms of machine learning, it can track hand and finger gestures precisely. The video is just an amazing representation of the device that awaits us in future.

Weaving the next generation human-machine interface – Project Jacquard



Google proves its innovation strengths once again by introducing a conductive thread which can be used to interact and connect to our electronic devices. Imagine if we could swipe our pockets to make a call? .. Or tap the shoulders to take a photo?.. The applications are just limitless.The best part is the yarn is a standard industrial yarn and thus making it more mainstream.

Tesla’s new Power wall system!! – Clean and safe energy systems for the future


True visionary Elon Musk yet again proves that solar can be highly efficient. With the introduction of new Power wall system which is a home battery that charges using electricity generated from solar panels, or when utility rates are low, and powers your home in the evening. It also fortifies your home against power outages by providing a backup electricity supply. An elegant design by Tesla, Powerwall offers independence from the utility grid and the security of an emergency backup.


A must watch video which equalizes Steve Jobs’ presentation for Apple.

From Ultra dry materials to a Car that never gets dirty!



Check out this super ultra dry coating which is extremely hydrophobic. Its water resistant property is just amazing.Water-based liquids roll right off a surface on contact and leave materials clean and dry. Though the coating application can be very expensive right now, commercialization of this would be a breakthrough.

Nissan has demonstrated a similar coating in Automobiles. This is just so cool, a car that never needs cleaning. Future of automobiles really has some amazing technologies waiting for us.