Trains that are faster than planes?. Hyperloop concept is close enough




Hyperloop transportation concept proposed by entrepreneur Elon Musk, is truly commendable. In this concept trains can travel close to speed of sound by encapsulating the area around it.The reason for this is to avoid aerodynamic friction at high speeds. Hyperloop consists of elevated tubes on concrete structure based every 100 ft.  The concept is proposed to setup this network between San Francisco to Los Angeles in 30 min!!

23 If you observe the map, you would understand why this route was chosen (fairly straight route). Also, since the project involves a huge investment (6-10 billion dollars) short distance travelling is not economical.

The trains run by linear induction motors which power the train. The best part is that the entire system is self powered (by placing solar roofs on top of the tube). There is also a large air compressor in front of the train so as to avoid pressure build up (Kantrowitz Limit). Thus this will provide the thrust required and also release the pressure build up.


The part that amazes me the most is all the technical details are OPEN-SOURCE and is documented in a 57 page pdf whose link can be found below:

What will happen if tube has a leak?

This is one question everyone would wonder when reading about this. So here it is, this concept proposes to maintain a very low pressure in the system rather than concentrating to create vacuum (which is quite difficult). Thus leaks would not entirely stop the transportation.

Watch the video below to get more details on the project:


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