5 amazingly new ways of presentation, say bye to old Power point


It is high time that we say goodbye to those boring power point presentation which have no life. I mean how many of us would have sit in meeting rooms for hours staring at the same type of slides and not understanding the core details.

Let me get straight to the point, here are 5 awesome alternate ways of presentation that can impress people around you or serve as a killer marketing pitch :

1. Prezi: Zoom in and out of your presentation, snatching the audience to your side. I personally found this amazing as some action always happens on screen, so audience is waiting for a new surprise every click.

2. Infographics: These make you look like a kick ass graphic designer, following lean principle of putting all data into one sheet is truly effective. Infographics allows us to visualize the data and get key details very quickly. Few websites to start with are PiktochartVenngage, and Visually.


3. PowToons – Best Way to Create Product Videos

It’s always a tough task to create product launch videos or company overview videos for free. PowToons solves this problem by providing a very simple way to create promotional or introductory videos online. It provides you with templates which are easy to edit. Also, video gets ready within few minutes.

4. Office Mix: No bye-bye says Microsoft!. As an add on to the Microsoft Office Powerpoint recently launched Mix make presentations more lively. One can add audio, quizzes and written text during presentations which makes it perfect for teaching online.

5. Emaze : Emaze is something similar to prezi, and can create interesting 3D presentations. This is something new and pretty awesome!! The website also has lot of themes and very easy to use. Check out this sample.




The best part is none of the above presentation needs tutorial, everything is pick and drop.


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