5 Tips for every college student before starting their career


1. Microsoft Office Skills :

Believe me or not but most of the work at any industry will strongly rely on Excel and Powerpoint. Reporting is an art which can be mastered only by learning these softwares well and trust me both these softwares are powerful beyond your imagination.

I would elaborate on Office skills in my forth coming blog.

2. Develop Great Body Language

As most of know, body language is highly influential in deciding how convincing or bold you are. Again it is art which can be developed by watching videos of great CEO’s delivering product launches. Below is my personal favorite of those:

3. Learn new languages

Yes, learning new languages can keep your neurons active and makes you smarter. It also broadens your perspective. Learning new languages nowadays has become very easy with the advancement of youtube.

“A different language is a different vision of life.” – Federico Fellini, Italian film director

4. Teach what you know:

I have experienced this throughout my life and it is the easiest way to learn something. All you have to do is gather some friends who need help and start teaching them. This will not only master the subject but also helps you remember the basics for long time.

5. Be Social:

Being social is as important quality as knowledge or talent is. It defines a person’s ability to mingle with a team. As college students, a fear of looking stupid shadows the boldness of starting a conversation. But believe me once you have started you will always feel good about it.

So hope this boosts your performance in your career. Best of luck!!!


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